Character Review: Aaron Warner – Shatter Me Trilogy by Tahereh Mafi

Hey lovely readers! So this post is something different and it was inspired by a very recent tweet from the lovely Teen Literati, so thanks girl! Basically I’m just going to talk about all the reasons why I love Aaron Warner.

Having said that, if you don’t know who he is you need to go read the Shatter Me Series immediately. And if you do know but you don’t like him, bye…I don’t like you!

No I’m totally kidding, but come one Aaron Warner is kind of perfect and here’s why. (Obviously there will be SPOILERS!!!)

 Okay so things definitely don’t start in Aaron’s favor and I will be the first to admit that he is a total jerk towards Juliette in the beginning, but even then I couldn’t hate him. I wanted to, because every other jerk-faced boy in YA demands to be hated. At least for me, they have to do something redeeming first before I can love them. But something about Aaron made me love him right away. I always felt that his cruelty towards Juliette, though terrible, was for a greater purpose. And now that they are together I complete understand why he acted this way. And quite frankly I felt like a total idiot that I hadn’t noticed his actions before. Yes he is angry and hurt, but he is also amazingly strong. More so than any other male character I have ever read about.

 His father is a total psycho and his mother was dealt a really shitty hand in life. All he wants is to find a way to help her and when he finally does, he loses her. The entire time that Juliette is with him she makes terrible assumptions and even when she starts to see the real him she ignores it. Yet he still feels such deep love for her. All he wants is for her to be happy, whatever it costs him. And I know that Adam loves Juliette as well, but not in a way that is good for her. You could absolutely argue that this is pretty par for the course when it comes to YA love triangles. But here’s where I think this particular love triangle is different.

 Juliette believes she has very limited options when it comes to her love life, and at first she is not wrong. I don’t think this means she loves Adam simply because she has to, but I do think it unconsciously influences her feelings. But with Aaron, she doesn’t choose to really be with him until she knows she could choose anyone she wants. This is so important for their relationship and for who Aaron is as a person. He is not a man who would want to be someone’s default. And I think deep down Juliette knows this. She understands who he is without acknowledging it at first, but when she does it becomes something very beautiful.

 So back to the amazing Aaron Warner. The reason why I think so highly of him is because even though he has every reason to be bitter and to give up he keeps a small spark of hope alive. IGNITE he says without actually saying it. His tattoo demonstrates that he still believes in living and he does not wallow is his lonely existence. Instead he falls in love easily and really lets Juliette in. It doesn’t take too much to convince him to fight his father, in fact this is his plan all along. He is not annoyingly sad or walking around crying whoa is me, he owns who he is and when the time comes he proves himself to be worthy of Juliette. But at the same time he does not place his self worth in her hands. His self worth lies within himself. Aaron is not perfect, but he is perfect for Juliette. There is a sincerity to him that I find lacking in many other male YA characters. And lets not forget his gorgeous looks! The sexy times in the book are just a wonderful bonus to go along with his kick ass personality. Overall he is strong, but sensitive. Both hard and soft. He is not afraid to need Juliette, but also be there for her when she needs him.

 Okay so those are my thoughts and ramblings on Aaron Warner. I hope you enjoyed them, because it certainly fun to write them! I’m hoping to make these character “evals” a regular thing if you guys like them. So definitely let me know! Thanks again to Teen Literati! And obviously thanks a million to Tahereh Mafi for creating such an amazing character for us to love!

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna


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