Star Wars: The Last Jedi – My Thoughts

 Hey lovely readers,

 So just a heads up, this post is not a book review (obviously). This post is going to be me talking about TLJ, so fair warning! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

 Okay now that we got that out of the way let’s just get started. I thought this movie was amazing, quite frankly it’s my favorite Star Wars movie overall. I’m 25 years old, which means I was born well after the original trilogy came out. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t grow up loving it, because thanks to my parents I did. I just wanted to make that clear before I start going on!

 So on to TLJ! I absolutely loved this movie, but there’s one huge reason why: Reylo. That’s Kylo/Ben and Rey together in case you’re not familiar. I think this movie was and was meant to be all about them and their relationship. Everything else was just bonus content in my opinion. TLJ was brilliant in all its subtleties. Reylo was not in your face, it was hinted at and could be interpreted differently depending on perspective. But my take was that Ben (I’m choosing to call him Ben because Rey does) and Rey are equals in all ways and they, together will bring balance to the force. But not necessarily by being romantically involved, though I am ALL for that! They need to come together to set up some kind of new order together, one that infuses ideas from the Rebellion and First Order. They need each other.

 The fact that Ben basically begs Rey to join him proves this. Or at least proves that he needs her and that soon she will need him too. The fact that Ben asks Rey to join him speaks volumes, he is letting someone in. I think this is the most important moment in the whole movie, because it shows that Ben is letting some light back in. Rey then needs to acknowledge the darkness in her. There should be no dark vs light, just grey. These two share something unique and they would be foolish to turn their backs on it no matter how much they may want to.

 TLJ didn’t do much in the way of advancing either sides position and there was little character development, except with Rey and Ben! Why? Because they are the most important part of the new trilogy. The only other character who had some development was Finn, and it was subtle. He finally declared himself a Rebel during his fight with Phasma. Otherwise everyone else is just kind of filler. I would be shocked if Episode IX didn’t see Rey and Ben truly joining together to bring peace to the galaxy. I know it’s hard to think that the good guys may not “win”, but the whole point of the Star Wars universe is balance. So we can’t simply have good defeat evil and call it good. We have to recognize that everyone has both good and bad inside, but it’s how we chose to act on those feelings that matters. 

 My point: It’s okay to root for Ben and it’s okay to not always like Rey. Because the past doesn’t matter. I believe the TLJ is more important than fans have given it credit for. So if you hated it fine. If you loved it fantastic. Either way I urge you to see it again and keep in mind that it’s message is subtle. See if you can pick up on all the important underlying feelings. Because that is where the true brilliance of the film lies!

 Well guys, those are my ramblings on The Last Jedi. I’m sure I didn’t say anything that hasn’t already been said, but it was fun getting to put my thoughts out there. Let me know what you think here or on Twitter.

 Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon. ❤ Adrianna

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