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tv booksToday’s post is going to be a comparison of some TV shows that are actually based on books. I got the idea for this post during a conversation with a co-worker. She said she didn’t think there were a lot of TV shows based on book and I was shocked! I of course proceeded to name several and voila! an idea was born! I’m one of those people that needs to read or re-read a book before I watch a TV on which it’s based. I know I know so silly! So what I’m going to do is compare 5 books to the TV shows they’re based on just for fun! This way if you haven’t read or watched either, you might find them interesting! I have way more than 5 to talk about, but I’ll do those in other posts, so look for those. Alright lets get started!

 Okay so if you haven’t heard of this TV show, what rock have you been living under!? I am a huge fan of Ms. Moriarty and I actually read this book back in 2014, so when I heard it was going to be a show I was pretty skeptical. But I have to tell you that I was blown away. This show is pretty much exactly like the book. So if you loved the show you should absolutely read the book. It expands on the relationships between the three main characters and further explores the dynamic between Celeste and Perry and Jane and Perry. What I loved the most about this show is that it lays bare the ugly truths of human behavior. It shines a light on all the things people are often afraid to acknowledge. The show is brilliance, but it should not be forgotten that it was inspired by an amazing book!

 2. Shadowhunters based on The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

 If you love teen drama shows like I do, you’ve probably seen Shadowhunters. And if you haven’t then you absolutely should! But anyway…this show is based on the incredible book series The Mortal Instruments. What I find so great about this show is that it is not a carbon of the books. It takes the characters and basic plots of the books and puts its own unique spin on things. I love watching it, because it still has the ability to surprise me while being familiar. So if you love this show, you will definitely love the books!


 3. Outlander based on the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

 Outlander is a series about a woman who travels back in time and falls in love *swoon*. It’s got a strong female lead, a very sexy man, drama intrigue, sexy times, and it even throws in some history! It really has all the makings of a great TV show! And if you didn’t already know, it’s based on an equally great book series! I think out of all the TV shows based on books that I have seen this is the most accurate one. The relationship between Jamie and Claire is arguably the best thing about the show and in the books it is so much more in depth. The books are definitely lengthy, but if you love the show you will without a doubt love the books.


 4. True Blood based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris

 This TV show is one that I actually like better than the books. I know I know how could I? Well with this one I only read the first two books of the series and then they became very boring! But the show just kept getting better! So if you love the show, I highly recommend the first two books as they provide some welcome background on the characters. But after that, read at your own discretion. The show definitely has more drama and sexy times, so if that’s what draws you to it the books may not be for you. But if you simply enjoy the characters, the books (all of them) would most likely be well received. Out of all the TV shows based on books I know this ones book counterpart is the least well know. Probably because the names differ. But I always feel that a book which inspires such a great show always deserves acknowledgement! Oh and did I mention: VAMPIRES VAMPIRES VAMPIRES!!!!

5. The Handmaid’s Tale based on The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

 And last but not least on the list….The Handmaid’s Tale. Again if you have not heard of this show, seriously where have you been? I have never seen a more poignant, relevant, beautifully terrifying, wonderfully acted masterpiece. And if you don’t know about or haven’t read the novel that inspired said masterpiece, well let me have the pleasure of educating you. The Handmaid’s Tale is a story that I believe will never not be important in some way or another. It touches on feminism, inequality, freedom of speech, religion, slavery, raper, abuse, government corruption, literally every terrible thing that exists this show sheds much needed light on. This show is based on an amazing book that in my opinion was so spot on even during the time it was written. So if somehow you have not read this book, go out, by it or borrow it, and do so! The show beautifully captures the story written while at the same time putting a new and unique feel on it.

Well there you have it guys – 5 TV shows based on books that I think you should be watching. And reading of course! There are several more that I want to discuss, but I decided to break the post up into parts. So be on the lookout for part 2 soon. I hope you liked my choices and I hope in reading this you have found something new to enjoy! Or something to enjoy again!

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna


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