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Today’s post is going to be all about Victoria, the iTV or PBS (US) series to be precise! If you’ve been following me on Twitter you know that this show has become something of an obsession for me. I am a huge fan of period dramas, but there is a special place in my heart for those depicting the lives of any European monarch. I studied European History in college, with a special interest in British monarchs, but Victoria has always been one of my favorites. And so when I finally had time to watch this series, I was so excited. And let me just say that it did not disappoint me!

 I love this show so much that it’s hard to know where to begin discussing it, but I think a good place to start is with my opinion of both the show overall. Victoria is famous for a few things. I mean she was very young when she became queen, she was the longest ruling British monarch for a long time, and she was a champion of industrial and technological advances. But she is also famous for how she felt about her husband and children. The shows does such a good job on focusing on all of the different aspects of her life. It’s not just about how she ruled her people, or her relationship with Albert, or her understanding of her people and her government. It’s a mix of everything, which I love because she was a woman as well as a queen. I won’t go into great detail about plot points, for two reasons. One, I don’t want to spoil things and two, because it’s based on historical fact so we all know how it ends! But the show does take some liberties, just enough to make things interesting! Now lets talk about Victoria and Albert (my favorite part of the show!)  

 In case you didn’t know this about me, I am a hopeless romantic. So it should come as no surprise that my favorite aspect of this show is the romance, which by the way is what the rest of this review will be about! #SorryNotSorry

 Victoria is only 18 when she takes the throne and not yet 21 when she marries Albert (he’s also not yet 21). What I love most about the show is its realistic portrayal of the relationship between Victoria and Albert. It is not all sunshine and roses. They’re young and they’re learning who they are as well as who the other person is. Victoria is spoiled and stubborn, but she is also very lonely. She never takes anything too seriously and she relies heavily on the advice of those closest to her. Albert is her opposite in many ways. He is more of an honesty at all costs type of person. He is rather stiff, formal, and at times can seem very direct and harsh. But he is also incredibly passionate about the things he loves, and Victoria is included in this.

 I think that they bring a beautiful balance to each other. Victoria finds the confidence to rule from Albert and he in turn learns to live life a little more. Their devotion and respect for each other is really lovely, though I love that it takes them awhile to find their footing with each other. Victoria has to realize that Albert needs more of a purpose than just being her husband and Albert has to accept that ultimately Victoria has to be seen to be in control. But their dynamic behind closed doors can be whatever they choose. They argue, but in the end there is always some kind of compromise, apology, or concession. Neither is always happy with the outcome, but I love the realism there. But my very favorite part of this relationship is how supportive and understanding they are when the other is struggling.

 When Victoria is terrified of having children Albert is there to hold her hand and encourage her throughout the whole thing. (Honestly I expected him to not be allowed in the room with her, but there he was!) And when Victoria confesses that she does not connect with her children as he does, Albert lets her know that it is okay to feel this way. He knows how much she loves her children. (I firmly believe, regardless of what some may believe that Victoria loved her children very much, even if she didn’t always show it in the best way.) And then when Albert loses his father and finds out some pretty distressing information, Victoria tries to give him the space he needs. But when he lets her know that he needs her, she is there. And lastly I love that these two are not afraid to call each other out on their bullshit and stubbornness.

I really love this show so much and I believe it deserves your attention. It’s realistic portrayal of these two people is so refreshing. And even though this show is a period drama it puts a really modern view on some of the issues it addresses. And though there is an emphasis on romance, it is much more than that. There is history, culture, politics, friendships, laughter, tears, drama, and joy. It really has everything!  So give it a try and let me know what you think. Or if you already watch it tell me why you love it! 

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna



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