TV Music Moments That Get Me Every Time

This post is all about music. Music is something I really love, especially when it is used in the perfect context! So I’ve decided to compile a list of all my favorite music moments from some of my favorite TV shows. These are the moments that get me over and over again! I hope you enjoy! Quick disclaimer – I do not own any of the content in these videos or the videos themselves. And there will be spoilers from the shows!
The Vampire Diaries (Delena is my ultimate OTP! ❤
Vicki’s body is found. The song really highlights the fact that everyone was hoping she wasn’t dead. And how much it hurts now they know what happened to her. My heart breaks for Matt so much.
Miss Mystic Falls Dance. This is the moment you realize what great chemistry
Damon and Elena have! For me this is the moment I knew they were destined for each other, the way he steps up for her. And the lyrics are perfect!
Delena dances again! This scene is just visually beautiful and this song as a waltz is amazing!
Damon’s Death. This scene break my heart every time and the acting is just perfect Plus these lyrics – “It’s taken me a while to tell you. Exactly how I feel inside. The words, they seem so simple right now. But they took a while to find. And is this what you call love, love, love? This is what I’m thinking of.
And finally Delena dancing one more time to say goodbye. Can you tell how much I love them? They say goodbye in the most beautiful way possible. And the lyrics let you know that even though this is goodbye for now, their love will not fade. “One look and I can’t catch my breath. Two souls into one flesh, when you’re not next to me, I’m incomplete.” ❤
One Tree Hill
Peyton, Brooke, Haley, Lindsay, and Mia stuck in the library. I think this scene always stuck with me, because the characters are singing along to lyrics that explain their current feelings. Peyton and Brooke love someone that doesn’t want them, Mouth misses Jimmy, Haley is so wary of Nathan, which is heartbreaking, and Lindsay is so in love with Lucas but at the same time so unsure. It’s perfect.
Haley and Karen both give birth. But does Karen make it? The brilliance of this is that the song is about a mother dying in child birth. So it’s perfect for the situation and so chilling and beautiful in its context.
Just finally! #Leyton gets married! And Haley’s words are so beautiful. Plus the lyrics, perfection! “darling,some things are meant to be.”
Grey’s Anatomy 
Denny’s death. Seriously guys if you watch Grey’s you know there have been too many deaths to count. But Denny’s is so unfair and that makes it all the more devastating. And the song, “If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?” Poor Izzy in her beautiful dress losing the man she loves. My heart hurts so much.
George’s death. This scene is so tough, because at the time the episode aired we didn’t actually know if Izzy lived. But the moment they meet on the elevator you know that George will not survive and it’s devastating.
Cristina leaves and says goodbye by dancing it out! Perfect. And the song takes you back to the early days of Grey’s ❤
 Everyone tries to save the life of Callie and her baby. Grey’s anthem, perfect!
The opening scene pf the entire show! It really set the tone for me and it’s one of the reasons why I kept on watching the show. And now it’s one of my favorites.
 Clary gives in to her feelings for Jace in front of Simon. Sure it’s to save their lives, but ouch. Still I love this moment, especially because the song was written specifically for it! #Clace ❤
 Sons of Anarchy 
Jax’s death and the last scene of the series. Poetically perfect lyrics and written just for the show!
Riverdale has some great music, which I definitely did not expect when the show first started. But my favorite by far is the “Mad World” scene. The song is perfect for what’s going on at the time and a great backdrop for Betty’s actions! Plus I just love the song itself.
Gilmore Girls
Okay some quick context! Elementary school production of Fiddler on the Roof, yes that’s Kirk. No one else wanted to play the main character! So anyway I really like this scene, because Luke and Lorelai are watching. And it perfectly describes their feelings for each other at the time.
The ZBZ dance! Totally just fun!
Thanks for reading/watching guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna

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