Our Favorite Authors – And Why You Should Read Their Books

Hey lovely readers!

Today’s post is a collaborative post with Bree from Perpetual Fangirl! We’ll be telling you who our all time favorite authors are and why you should read their books! P.S. Bree totally convinced me to read some books by her favorite author, so hopefully you guys will be inspired to read books from both these authors as well! Along with this post we will be hosting a giveaway of our favorite book or books by each of these authors, so look for that down below! Okay let’s get to it! My all time favorite author is –

Jay McLean! Yes that’s right the lovely Jay McLean. If you haven’t read any of her books you absolutely should and let me tell you why! Because they’re awesome! No but seriously, a little information about her books. They are romantic New Adult books (you know I love my NA romance books), because the majority of the books take place while the characters are in college. Jay has written a ton of books and I have read every single one of them. But she officially became my favorite author with her amazing More Than Series, which I have already gushed about in a few blog posts. They are worth the hype believe me! Hey stories are incredibly relate-able. They are not full of fluff and roses, they are truthful and harsh, but in such a  beautiful way. She writes about real life and real issues that people face everyday.

Her books touch on alcoholism, ptsd, death, the loss of a parent, absentee parents, drug use, everything. But she also writes about love, life, self discovery, and triumph over your demons. You care about the characters, because you understand them. There is something or someone for everyone in these books and I guarantee you’ll love them. There are beautiful, strong women, and sexy loving boys. There’s friendship, laughter, and love. Really Jay’s books have everything you need for an amazing New Adult romance. But my favorite book or rather books have to be More Than Her and More Than Him, the two books that tell the story of Logan and Amanda. I will be giving away both of these to one lucky winner! Be sure to check out Jay’s website here. And FYI Jay’s books are available on Kindle Unlimited! Keep reading to find out who Bree’s favorite author is!

P.S. the author is not involved in any way with this post or giveaway!


Hey all,

Today will be a collab post with Adrianna from For The Love of Books! Go check her out and give her a follow!

So I will be telling you about my favorite author. This is an author that I have talked about more often than not on this blog. Seriously, it’s about two posts (maybe one now) from turning into a fan page for her.

Any guesses?

Of course, it’s the wonderful Jennifer Armentrout. I can not sing enough praises about her books. They’re straight to the point, sarcasm filled, swoon filled works of absolute magic. If you read any of her books you are sure to find an amazing book boyfriend, a strong, sassy heroine, passages that will make you literally laugh out loud and most of them have some awesome steamy scenes that can actually make me blush.

The main thing that I love about her writing and her as an author is there’s pretty much something for everyone. She has books that range from YA all the way to Adult and from Contemporary all the way to Paranormal/Ghost (I think, the series isn’t done yet) stories. But all of them have one thing in common: Romance and enough fluffy sweetness to rot every single one of your teeth. It’s amazing.

I have reviewed a ton of her books and I have read just about everything she has ever written. I think there’s one story that I haven’t read and it’s a short story that was in an anthology.

For full disclosure here, I am a part of an ARC group for Jennifer but that has nothing to do with the fact that she’s my favorite author. She was my favorite long before I was lucky enough to be accepted into her ARC group.

So I will be giving away a bind up copy of Obsidian, Onyx(Lux Beginnings) and Opal and Origin(Lux Consequences). The Lux series was the first book I ever read by her and it is a series that means so much to me. It also prompted me to look up Book Blogging and become involved with this wonderful community.

Thank you for reading and make sure you enter both giveaways for a chance to win a book or two from mine and Adrianna’s favorite authors!

Well that’s it lovelies! I hope you enjoyed this post! I had a ton of fun working on this with Bree! Make sure to enter both of our giveaways  for a chance to win some amazing books! Giveaways will run from today March 16th until March 29th, winners announced via Twitter on March 30th. Good luck to all! Links to Bree’s blog where you can find her giveaway is down below for you guys as well as links to our Twitter pages! We will be posting the giveaway there as well in a few days!

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna 
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