Do Re Mi Book Character Tag (Original)

Hey lovely readers!

Today’s post is a book tag, my own original book tag that I just created! Well it’s actually a book character tag, meaning you have to answer the question with a book character not a book. It’s so exciting! It’s based off of the song lyrics for Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music, which is one of my favorite musicals! I asked for some volunteers on Twitter to try it out, so I’ll be tagging their blogs down below. And I’ll be tagging them on Twitter! They’re all such lovely peeps, you should definitely give them a follow. And please feel free to complete this tag if you like it, I just ask that you credit me when doing so. Okay let’s get to it!


Do, a deer, a female deer – Name a book character with an animal sidekick!

Definitely have to go with Katherine and her pet snake from the One Dark Throne series! I love that little guy!


Re, a drop of golden sun – Name a book character who puts a smile on everyone’s faces, they just light everything up with their presence!

I have to go with Kenji from the Shatter Me series. That dude is the funniest YA character of all time.He just always lightens things up!


Mi, a name I call myself – Name a book character with a name you always pronounce wrong or one you wish was pronounced differently! 

Ugh Schuyler Van Alen from the Blue Bloods series! It’s pronounced like Skylar, but It should be pronounced how it’s spelled. Or at least change the spelling to something that makes sense.


Fa, a long, long way to run – Name a book character who is either forced or chooses to runaway from home

Lia from the Remnant Chronicles! She refuses to be married off to some man she’s never met and so she flees her home. It’s so incredibly brave! I recently did a read-along of this series, so fun!

download (1)

So, a needle pulling thread – Name a book character who’s a healer or puts people back together in some way, you know cuz sewing! (Just go with it!)

Claire from Outlander! I mean she’s a nurse and then a doctor, woman is a badass!

download (2)

La, a note to follow Sew – Name a book character who’s a bit of a follower, but could totally be a leader with some encouragement!

Hmmmm this one is difficult!  But I’m going to have to go with Luna Lovegood! She is so strong and confident. Girl knows exactly who she is and if given the chance she could lead a revolution!

download (3)

Ti, a drink with jam and bread – Name a food that a book character made you want to eat and who that character is!

Hermione Granger and her Butterbeer with ginger! Totally tried that at Universal Studios 2 years ago and definitely having it again this year!

That’s it, my original book character tag! I hope you love it!


Aj from – AJ Press

Lexie from – Reading in the Wings

Sadie from – S.B.

Patricia from – Bookish Geek

Kaylee from – Kindred Kaylee

Danielle from – Welshie Books & Thoughts

Ebru from – Ebs and Her Reads

Nikki from – Nikkipedia

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna

*I don’t own any of these images


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6 thoughts on “Do Re Mi Book Character Tag (Original)

  1. This is amazing!! I love it! It definitely makes you really have to think haha. Congrats on your first original book tag ❤️


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