Posting Schedule – Finally Nailed One Down

Hey lovely readers!

Just a quick announcement! I finally came up with a posting schedule and I’m going to try really hard to stick to it. See the schedule below.

Sunday – Book reviews!

Monday – Day off, may post if inspiration strikes!

Tuesday – Tags or favorite lists! 

Wednesday – Reading Recommendations (currently doing recs of romances)!

Thursday –  Day off, may post if inspiration strikes!

Friday – Book reviews!

Saturday – Day off!

I also do discussion type posts and character evaluations which I will post on whichever days they get done.

Hopefully I stick to this, we’ll see!

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna 


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My name is Adrianna. I’m a 27 year old wife, mommy, book lover, and librarian. I have a deep love for books and an unhealthy obsession with iced tea! I can quote almost any Disney movie, Belle is my favorite Disney princess, and I live for Harry Potter! I enjoy reading New Adult Romance above anything else. I have one beautiful baby boy named Jace and 5 cats and 1 dog who are basically my world (along with hubby of course)! And when I’m not reading I enjoy writing, puzzling, trivia, and long walks with the hubs, baby boy, and dog! Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy! ❤ Adrianna

5 thoughts on “Posting Schedule – Finally Nailed One Down

  1. I like that schedule! I have begun mine as well.
    Monday: Goodreads Monday
    Tuesday: Book Review (if I have one)
    Wednesday: WWW Wednesday
    Thursday: Book Review (if I have one)
    Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Days off to spend with family, unless I have a tour or inspiration strikes. I may also participate in tags throughout the week if I have any to do.

    I hope to one day be more consistent, but with two kids, I never know what might happen.
    Great post idea!


    1. That’s a good one! I never liked the idea of schedules because I felt pressure to post. But I feel good about this one. Life’s bound to get in the way sometimes though! What is WWW Wednesday? I’m curious 🙂

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      1. I’ve done WWW Wednesday a few weeks now. Basically you answer 3 Ws
        What are you currently reading?
        What have you recently finished?
        What will you read next?
        It is a fun weekly event. I enjoy doing it, a nice way to keep followers updated on what is going on.


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