Book Review – Torn (Devil’s Wolves #1) by Carian Cole

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Today’s post is a book review of Torn by Carian Cole. So a few things before I start. First this book is the first in a series, but it is connected to Carian’s other series Ashes & Embers. But you do not have to read that series to read this book. I didn’t and it worked just fine for me! Okay and the second thing, this book is about a couple with a 15 year age gap. But there is absolutely no underage sex. This could definitely be considered taboo, because of how the two main characters no each other. Try to keep an open mind though, I really loved this book and I hope you do as well! Alright lets get to the review!

Torn“When I was five years old, I told Toren Grace I was going to marry him when I grew up. When I turned eighteen, I made it clear I still felt the same. The problem? He’s fifteen years older than me, and he’s my father’s best friend.
Toren Grace. My father’s best friend. My pseudo-uncle.
He’s always been my rock. The one I should never, ever want. But I do want him, and I love him. I always have.
Tor’s one of the good guys. Loving. Devoted. A strong moral compass. One kiss between us rocked him clear off his axis. Now, we can’t forget how that kiss felt, and what it changed. Nothing will ever be the same between us. I’m not a little girl anymore, and he’s everything I want. I know he’s struggling, but I’m determined. With a last name of Valentine, I’ve got cupid in my veins. The heart wants what the heart wants, and it doesn’t care about age or how we met. My father cares, though. And he’s the one person neither one of us can stand to hurt. We’re all being torn apart, and I don’t know how to make everyone see that the wrongs are actually right.”

Okay straight up honesty right up front. The age gap in this book did not bother me at all and the fact that the guy helped raise the girl did not bother me at all. I totally get why and how these two fell for each other and I think that’s the magic of this book. It makes you understand something that on the outside looks wrong to society. I know not everyone will feel this way and that’s totally fine. But let me tell you why I really liked this book.

Let’s start with Kenzie. She’s young absolutely, but what struck me right away about her character is that she knows exactly who she is and what she wants. She may be young, but it’s not impossible for a 17 almost 18 year old girl to know what’s right for her and I love that this book promotes that. Tor was pretty much the one constant her whole life and I like that the book shows how their relationship developed over the years. Over time they went from “uncle” and “niece” to really close friends. I think for these two the lines had been blurred a long time ago. I won’t spoil what happens, but I will say that the way she ends up handling things is incredibly mature.

Toren or “Tor” kind of annoyed me at first because I kind of felt like he should have known better than to start anything with Kenzie. But then I felt that I wasn’t giving Kenzie enough credit as a person. What I did love about Tor is that he is not depicted as perfect, perfect for Kenzie maybe, but not perfect by a long shot. He’s done some bad things that he does not make excuses for and that was so refreshing. Overall I liked the way he handled himself, though I did find some of his lines to be a bit cheesy.

This book is not typical. There is the huge age gap and the fact that these two characters initially have a familial type of relationship. But I think it was extremely well written and I applaud the author for being brave enough to write a story like this. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads and I would absolutely read it again!


Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna

*Cover and synopsis from Goodreads


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