Let's Talk – Limiting Yourself As A Blogger

Hey lovely readers!

Today’s post is another discussion and also maybe a bit of a rant. This is something I’ve been mulling over in my head for awhile now and I just have to put it out there. Why do bloggers and even YouTubers think they have to limit themselves to just one topic?

You know I’ve only been blogging for a little over 7 months, so I’m definitely no expert but why do bloggers and YouTubers do this? Why do we as a community stop ourselves from doing other things? Obviously if you love books blog about them. If you travel write about it or film it whatever. If you like makeup film some tutorials. If you like clothes film your outfits and write about what you buy. But you can do other things! I started and ASMR YouTube channel! But then I thought I would love to write posts about makeup. And you know what? I can!

I think part of the problem is social media. I know for me most of the people I follow on Twitter are fellow book bloggers. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my book blogger friends! But they may not always be interested in things not book related. So sometimes it can feel as if I’m stuck in this one niche. Even with WordPress all of my recommended follows are book blogs. And while I love to read book reviews sometimes I want to see something different. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t be afraid to do something different. Because honestly even book reviews get old. Branch out, spice things up, dare to be different.

I plan on changing things up with my blog. Sure I’ll still review books and do tags, but I also plan on posting more videos. I want to do makeup recommendations and talk about more than just my favorite books. And I would love to see all of my friends do the same! So I challenge you bloggers and YouTuber’s to do something out of the ordinary! Make new friends on social media who aren’t book bloggers, review a book from a genre you never read, post a quick life update video! Stop limiting yourself to one topic, stop limiting yourself to one format, stop limiting yourself to one platform. Stop limiting yourself period, because there is so much more to your life and who you are than the thing you’ve chosen to blog about. You have so much more to say, so say it!


Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna


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My name is Adrianna. I’m a 27 year old wife, mommy, book lover, and librarian. I have a deep love for books and an unhealthy obsession with iced tea! I can quote almost any Disney movie, Belle is my favorite Disney princess, and I live for Harry Potter! I enjoy reading New Adult Romance above anything else. I have one beautiful baby boy named Jace and 5 cats and 1 dog who are basically my world (along with hubby of course)! And when I’m not reading I enjoy writing, puzzling, trivia, and long walks with the hubs, baby boy, and dog! Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy! ❤ Adrianna

7 thoughts on “Let's Talk – Limiting Yourself As A Blogger

  1. I also love reading non-book posts! I think that it is fine to diversify your content if it is something that you are passionate about; I hope to expand a little bit as I find my groove and niche. 🙂

    I know peaks and pages does hiking and books, and I love her blog. It can be done, you do you!


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