Re-post: Book Review – More Than Her and More Than Him by Jay McLean

Hey lovely readers!

Today’s post is a review of More Than Her and More Than Him by Jay McLean. If you follow me on Twitter you know these two books are my favorite New Adult romance books. This is actually an older review, but since I have so many new followers I thought I’d share it again. Mainly because I love these books so much and I just want to share them with everyone!

“For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction.”
For every choice you make there are rewards, or there are consequences. It was my choice to walk away the first time. And my choice to chase her the second. But sometimes you don’t get a choice, and all you get are the consequences.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, 
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Unless that someone is Logan Matthews. Because loving him didn’t give me the strength to walk away. It didn’t give me the courage to fight for him. And when it was over, all it gave me was a broken heart.

 Okay now for the good stuff! More Than Her is technically book 2 in the More Than Series, but it is the first in the story of Logan and Amanda. You don’t have to read the first one to get this one, but the entire series is amazing so you totally should! I absolutely adore this story, because it is beautifully honest. Logan and Amanda’s relationship starts off rocky and best and then when Logan completely bails on her Amanda writes him off completely. Somehow Logan manages to worm his way back into her heart and things are great for awhile. But Logan has some pretty dark demons to face and when they come knocking neither he nor Amanda walk away unscathed. I love these two characters with all my heart. I identify with Amanda so much, a strong, confident, independent Mexican American college girl with a guarded heart who falls hopelessly in love with a beautifully smart, kind, broken Caucasian boy. And Logan is such a beautiful soul who was dealt a really crappy hand in life and is just trying to survive. Your heart breaks for him.

Their love story is filled with amazing friends who are more like family, hilarious group pranks, kick-ass birthday parties, and really great sexy times. Right from the beginning you care for these two. And when the trouble comes, your heart aches to know how they could possibly come back from such a tragedy.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson
We live in a world of darkness and shadows, where monsters hide and aim to ruin. And they did. They ruined us and turned our dreams into nightmares. But now we’re back. And we’re fighting. Not just for us, or for each other, but for our light.

 This book is the second and final one in the story of Logan and Amanda. I have ready so many books, too many to count. And this one has never left my heart. It broke my heart and truly touched my soul. It is truly a story of beautiful redemption. These two go through something life shattering only to fight their way back to each other stronger and better than before. This time around they’re both a little broken, but it’s being with one another again that helps to heal the hurt. Amanda is lost without Logan, not really understanding why he had to walk away. And Logan is only trying to do what he feels is the right thing. There is no easy path here and that’s what I love about this book. Life is shitty and unfair sometimes, but that’s just reality. 

This part of their story is sadder and tougher to read than the first. But it is so worth the heartache that is sure to plague you. These two deserve so much more than what they’ve been given and it is truly inspiring to watch them find themselves again. They do find their version of an HEA in the end and it is perfect!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna

*Synopsis and book covers from Goodreads

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