Book Review – False Perceptions by Michelle Heard

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Today’s post is a book review of False Perceptions by Michelle Heard. I was provided an e-ARC of this and asked to participate in a blog tour for the book by Ardent Prose PR. So thank you so much to them! Okay, lets get to it!

false perceptions“Six months ago we rescued Emilie Swanson, the daughter of retired Navy Admiral George Swanson – now a senator running for the presidency.
Having just returned from a harrowing operation gone wrong, I accept an undercover mission. With orders to protect Emilie from any further threats, everything should be uncomplicated. Expecting a socialite, I’m surprised when I get to know the spirited woman.
But the Navy SEAL motto is true. The only easy day was yesterday.
To save her I have to take on a powerful political player who will do anything to further his career. Things aren’t what they seem, and the threat to Emilie’s life lies much closer to home than we thought.
Time is running out as we’re both caught in a web of false perceptions.”

I’m going to be totally honest. When I got the ARC for this one I could not remember what it was about and I was not excited to read it. But a few chapters in and I was seriously hooked. I did not expect this book to go the way it did or to have the emotional depth that it did. I almost never cry during books. I could count the number of books that truly made me cry one one hand, and that now includes this one. I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys so I’m just going to talk a bit about the overall plot and characters.

Basically Emilie is kidnapped and eventually rescued 5 Navy SEALs. And then one of those men is tasked with protecting her just in case she is targeted again. Sounds simple right? It’s anything but. The focus that the book places on the Navy SEALS and the lives they lead is so amazing and so emotional. The losses that occur will break your heart before you even have a chance to register what’s happening. I also found Emilie’s struggles after being kidnapped to be so relate-able. She went through something  traumatic. survived, and learned to fight back.

The SEALS were amazing and so freaking bad-ass. You love each of them even before you really know them, just because of what they do. And honestly I just loved the little details about the characters. I loved Hayden’s relationship with his daughter and his friends. I loved the stray dog and the crazy horse that Emilie takes in. And the hilarious, bickering old men from the tiny town hardware store. Just fun little details that make the story that much better. A truly unexpected and beautiful read.

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna


*Cover and synopsis from Goodreads


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