Book Review – A Nordic King by Karina Halle

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Today’s post is a book review of A Nordic King by Karina Halle

nordic king“When I first applied for the job I thought it would be like all the others: working as a nanny for an aristocratic family.
Then I got the job and found out how wrong I was.
Now I’m the new nanny for two adorable little girls who happen to be princesses.
Their father is the widowed King of Denmark. And my new home? The royal palace in Copenhagen. Adjusting to my new life isn’t easy but the hardest part hasn’t been the girls who still grieve over the loss of their mother.

It’s their father. Cold, mysterious and moody, with an icy stare that seems to penetrate your soul, King Aksel may have hired me to take care of his daughters but he wants as little to do with me as possible.
Yet the longer I share these palace walls with this man, the more that I’m drawn to him. His chiseled face and sexual swagger are only part of the package. It’s in the long, intense glances at the dinner table, the way we’ll brush up against each other in the halls, the rare glimpses of the man deep inside, like the sun passing through clouds.
But no matter how I feel about him, we can never be together. You think it’s bad enough being in love with your boss? Try falling in love with a king.”

Okay first of all that freaking cover ❤ I love when they show a guys face instead of just his chest haha. So this is the first Karina Halle book I’ve ever read and now I’m buying all of her books. Plus she’ll be at Apollycon! I’m beyond excited for that!

I have to tell you guys that I really really loved this book. The characters were amazing, but I loved this book because I feel like it was atypical for a romance book. A large part of the book was a build up to the relationship between Aksel and Aurora. I’m so used to romance books just jumping right into relationships and sex that this was a refreshing change. I really enjoyed the constant back and forth between them and seeing Aurora’s growing relationship with the two princesses. I have to admit that I was also really excited by the setting of this book, Denmark umm yes please. Plus all the historical references it was just so much fun to read.

But my absolute favorite thing about this book? When the secrets come out and it seems like there will be trouble, Aurora and Aksel hold it together. Normally towards the end of a romance book shit hits the fan, the main characters run from each other, and someone ends up having to grovel and apologize. I totally get that it makes for good drama, but I also really love it when a romance book isn’t written that way. And this book wasn’t like that. Crap happens and even though one of them is hurt and angry and the other wants to quit and run they stay and talk things out. Thank you so much for this Karina! Because that is realistic, that’s what couples should do when faced with problems. It was so nice to read! I just loved this book so much, there was so much chemistry between the main characters and the whole story just made me smile. It’s a really great book to read for pure fun and it’s also good for getting out of a reading slump. It’s on KU so go get it now!

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna



*Cover and synopsis from Goodreads



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