Lets Talk – How to Request Physical ARCs From Publishers

Hey lovely readers!

Today I want to talk about how to contact publishers for physical ARCs. Now I am in no way an expert at this. But I have received physical ARCs from publishers, so I thought I’d share how I went about it.

So first things first, you need to decide what book you want to request. It should be a book that won’t be released for  at least another 6 months and one that you actually want. Don’t just pick a random book simply because you want a physical ARC. I also found it helpful to request a book from an author I’ve read and reviewed for. Or a book in a series. Basically something you’re very familiar with. Once you’ve decided on a book, look up the publisher.

Now most publishers will have a contact us area on their website, this is where you’ll find an e-mail address for queries about review copies. The address will be something like publicity@blahblah.com. Keep in mind that many big publishers like Simon & Schuster and HaperCollins have a lot of imprints. For example Harlequin publishes romance novels under the umbrella of HarperCollins, so make sure you know if your book falls within a certain imprint. Often those imprints will have their own general email, or a person you contact directly. I’ve linked both Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins below so you can check them out. These are both US links, just FYI.

Simon & Schuster – http://about.simonandschuster.biz/media-contacts/

HarperCollins – https://www.harpercollins.com/corporate/media/publicity-contacts/


Once you find the appropriate email, it’s time to figure out what you should say! I know this part can be scary, but really it’s not. The worst that can happen is you don’t get an ARC, but hey at least you tried. Now if you’ve read other blog posts on how to contact publishers you might have seen some people say that you need to have a certain number of blog followers and been blogging for a certain amount of time before you start requesting ARCs from publishers. While that certainly can’t hurt, I think you should do it when you feel ready, because you just never know what could happen. Here’s an example of a generic message to send. You can obviously tweak it to suit yourself, but these are all the things you should absolutely include. Also make sure to really proof-read the email before you send it, maybe have someone else read it too. You want it to look as professional as possible.


Hi, [Publisher or Individual Person]

My name is Adrianna, I am a book blogger at Romance Book Binge (make sure to link your site here). I primarily review romance books, mainly new adult and contemporary and I would love to feature one of your titles on my blog.

If possible I would love to receive a review copy of:

  • Book Title
  • Author
  • Release Date
  • Publisher imprint
  • And even an ISBN if you can find it (this may help the publisher locate it easier)

Here are some quick stats about my blog:

  • # of followers
  • # of views per month
  • # of visitors per month
  • Also include social media stats like Twitter and Insta if you use them to promote books and your blog
  • Also include a link to any reviews you have done (no more than two) for books by the author of the book you’re requesting.

If the review copy is available here is my address:

[Your Address]

I’d also love to receive any other books in the future that fall under the genres I have listed above.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

Kind Regards,



After you’ve sent the email, all you can do is wait! Remember that you may not hear back at all. And if you do hear back, it will mostly like be awhile. So be patient. If you don’t hear back don’t be discouraged, just try again with a different book or publisher. You never know who will say yes! And some publishers will put you on their list of reviewers even if they don’t send you the book you asked for.

If you do hear back and you get the ARC you wanted, make sure to actually review the book! DO NOT request ARCs because you want free books, that’s just a major no no.

Remember, everyone’s process works differently for requesting ARCs. I’m no expert and this is just a general guide to get you started. But hey, if it works, please let me know! I would love to hear your success stories! I hope you found this helpful.


Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna


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My name is Adrianna. I’m a 27 year old wife, mommy, book lover, and librarian. I have a deep love for books and an unhealthy obsession with iced tea! I can quote almost any Disney movie, Belle is my favorite Disney princess, and I live for Harry Potter! I enjoy reading New Adult Romance above anything else. I have one beautiful baby boy named Jace and 5 cats and 1 dog who are basically my world (along with hubby of course)! And when I’m not reading I enjoy writing, puzzling, trivia, and long walks with the hubs, baby boy, and dog! Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy! ❤ Adrianna

10 thoughts on “Lets Talk – How to Request Physical ARCs From Publishers

  1. I agree with you. Sometimes they get back and sometimes they don’t ! And yeah we should contact those who actually publish the kind of books we have a thing for.!

    I had one really nice experience with HQ Stories. I mailed them which book I wanted and the next day I got a reply saying that they had mailed it to me and for further books to join their blogger list.!

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  2. Great Tips! I’m normally shy when requesting with publishers, so I don’t do it very often. I actually haven’t done a request in over a year. Plus, Netgalley keeps me busy and getting ARCS at book festivals.

    Liked by 1 person

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