Book Review – Binding 13 (Boys of Tommen #1) by Chloe Walsh – Re-post in honor of Keeping 13

Hey lovely readers!

I’m re-posting this in honor of Keeping 13’s release date yesterday! Can’t wait to get my hands on book # 2!

40944965His first, last, and only true love has always been rugby.
Until now.

He wants to save her.
She wants to hide.
She’s damaged.
He’s determined.
Fate brought them together.
Love binds them.

Johnny Kavanagh has everything going for him. On the rugby pitch, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Primed for stardom, he’s heading straight for the top. Nothing can possibly get in his way, right?
Not even the shy new girl at Tommen College. The one with the sad eyes and hidden bruises. The one that distracts him like no one ever has.
Plagued with a hidden injury and desperate to impress the scouts watching his every move, Johnny has been placed on a pedestal so high, he has no room to make mistakes.
Striving to maintain balance, and on the crest of the International Summer Campaign, Johnny needs to keep his head in the game. He needs to stay focused, and cannot afford to let distractions get in the way of the bigger picture.
But what happens when a lonely girl with sad eyes becomes the only picture?

Life has never been easy for Shannon Lynch. Bullied and tortured, she arrives at Tommen College mid-way through the school year praying for a fresh start and desperate to shake off the demons that plague her.
On her very first day at the prestigious private school, she comes into contact with the notorious Johnny Kavanagh.
Thrown through a hoop over her feelings for him, and desperate to keep a low-profile, Shannon finds herself once again the target of bullies as she forms a fragile alliance with rugby’s rising star.

Falling into a complicated friendship and grappling with their undeniable chemistry, Johnny and Shannon must face obstacles that threaten their relationship. Two teenagers from opposite sides of the tracks collide. Friendship, first love, rising fame, horrifying secrets, and pain all fuel together in Binding 13. Hearts are binding and lives are entwining in Binding 13.”

So…guys…. I’m not sure where to begin, because my gosh this book is everything I have ever wanted from a romance book. I have read so many romance books I can’t even tell you. But I guarantee you that there is nothing quite like this book. I’m not going to reveal too much as far as plot, because that would ruin the amazing experience. So let me just tell you how much I loved this book. It is hands the best book of 2018, the best romance book I have ever read. Full disclosure here, I adore Chloe Walsh. She is one of the kindest, honest, most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. She’s amazing and all of her books are wonderful. I don’t know how she does it, but every book she writes just completely consumes you. I live for her words. Binding 13 is no exception. This book contains Chloe’s heart and soul. I laughed, I cried, this book broke my heart and put it back together again.

This book is actually set in Chloe’s native Ireland and it was so fun to read a book set there. The characters are phenomenal. Chloe is excellent at making you love not only the main characters, but the side characters as well. This book is different from Chloe’s other books, it’s completely YA, and it is a slow burn with a bit less angst. It felt like I knew these characters inside and out. The relationship between Johnny and Shannon was perfectly crafted, I’m head over heals in love with these two. Shannon is by far one of my favorite female book characters. She’s so broken and yet she has the most astounding strength. Even after suffering so much abuse and dealing with her anxiety, she is full of strength and grace ❤ And Johnny and Gibsie have the best bromance to ever be crafted on paper. They are just the absolute best and a great source of humor within the book.

This book is truly an epic love story and I cannot wait for book number two. Do not let the length of this book scare you away, every word is worth it!

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna


*Cover and synopsis from Goodreads


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