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So this post is totally random, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Here are all of the first books in each of Chloe Walsh’s series. And her first stand-alone! Do yourself a favor and start reading ❤ Because Chloe’s books are mainly series I will only be including the synopsis for the first in each series so as not to spoil anything!

Break My Fall – (Broken #1) by  Chloe Walsh 


“I was drunk, but not drunk enough not to notice him. Good Lord, he was beautiful. Did boys like him really exist? I thought I might be imagining him.

A head of dark, unruly hair framed his face. His eyes were a striking shade of deep ocean blue, seductive and entrancing, with long dark eyelashes and perfect eyebrows. His eyes danced with humor and his full lips turned up into a half smile, exposing the cutest dimple in his cheek. It was more than cute. It was…hot.

He smiled crookedly and lifted the bottle up. ‘You wanna take a shot with me, sweetheart?’ The huskiness of his voice made him sound dangerous, yet he was soft spoken…an enigma.” 

“Eighteen year old Lee Bennett is broken, and running from the secrets of her past that seem hell bent on tearing her apart.

When she arrives at childhood friend Cam’s doorstep, she hopes to find com fort – closure. The last person she expected to meet is Kyle Carter.

Kyle is everything Lee’s been warned to stay away from, yet everything she’s drawn to.

His boldness, flirtatious nature and jaw dropping good looks have Lee’s head in a spin and she cant seem to stay away. But the secrets of her past still haunt her, which makes her attraction to Kyle all the more scary.


“I was going to have to make sure Lee stayed away from me. She was a fucking temptation and the girl made me weak. I didn’t do weakness.” 

Kyle Carter can’t keep his eyes off his hot new roommate, or his hands. Lee is fresh, innocent, and everything Kyle knows he can’t have. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting her.

The pressure of living together combined with their sizzling chemistry fuels an unstoppable liaison.”

Get the book here.



Treacherous – (Carter Kids #1) by Chloe Walsh


Treacherous.jpg“I wanted to go home. Moving to America wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the family next door. Because of my so-called guardian – and I used that term lightly – we were the latest family to take up residency in Thirteenth Street, and I was the sole target of the bitch over the fence. But, for me, life was about to get a lot worse.

Noah Messina, Ellie’s step-brother, had decided to join her torment-the-new-girl-until-she-cracks mission.

There had been a fight in their driveway last weekend – between Noah and some other tattooed douchebag – that had progressed into our yard, resulting in the windshield of my car being smashed when Noah pummeled his opponent through it.
Thinking back now I had to admit that I sort of overreacted when I stalked outside in nothing but a Coldplay t-shirt and a black thong and tossed an entire can of white gloss paint over the hood of Noah’s black Lexus in retaliation. I guess it had felt damn good to fight back instead of letting them walk all over me…

Destroying Noah’s car with paint was like waving a red rag in front of a bull.
He lost it.
Right there in my driveway, with his t-shirt ripped from his body and blood dripping from his eyebrow, Noah Messina had thrown the biggest man-tantrum I’d ever seen before declaring war on me…

“I was going to lose my shit over the girl-next-door.

God, three months of having her live next door to me and I still felt like slamming my head into the garden wall – now worse than ever since she had challenged me.”

The defiance in her eyes as she stared at me down before bending over the hood of my baby and emptying the can of paint was something that struck a chord inside of me. I’d never been so angry or turned on in my life.

Pure rage had flooded my veins, driven on even further when Teagan taunted me with her potty mouth and yeah, I’d kind of lost it with her. Problem was I had an even uglier temper, and Friday night Teagan Connolly ignited it like no one had before.
When she slapped me and pressed her tight little body against mine, taunting me with that sharp tongue of hers, I’d never been so close to putting my hands on a woman in my life.
Except instead of hurting her, I wanted to toss her sexy little ass on the hood of my car and take her right there, not caring who saw us. The urge to be inside her was like nothing I’d ever felt in my life…”

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A little explanation for the next book. It is book 1.5 in the Carter Kids series, because it contains characters from the first book. And you should definitely read that book first before reading this one. But this one really starts its own story. Which is why I included it separate from the others.

Side Note: I didn’t read this book until after I’d read the others and while I didn’t find it completely necessary to read. I wished I had read it first haha.


Always – (Carter Kids #1.5) by  Chloe Walsh

Always.jpg“If I told you a secret, would you keep it?”
He’s damaged.
I’m determined.
I’ve loved him my whole life, but he’s broken, older, full of secrets.
The bruises on his skin, the silent tears, the hidden pain… I know I’m in over my head.
My father warns me against him, but his eyes plead with me to save him.
All I know is that I can’t walk away from him.
I promised I would be there for him.
And I will.

It’s Hope Carter’s turn to speak in Always, the second installment of the bestselling Carter Kids series.

Please note that Always is a novella. Some scenes in this book may be extremely upsetting for some readers. Due to its explicit content, bad language, violent and graphic content, Always is recommended for mature readers of seventeen years and above.”


Get the book here.



A little explanation for the next book. It is book 5 in the Carter Kids series, because it contains characters from the first 4 books. And you should definitely read those books first before reading this one. But this one really starts its own story. Which is why I included it separate from the others.

Inevitable – (Carter Kids #5) by Chloe Walsh 

Inevitable.jpgIf two people are meant to be together, eventually they will find their way back to each other. It’s a prerequisite of love. It’s inevitable…right?
Then why does it feel so wrong?
I made a promise to him a long time ago, and I plan to keep it.
But he is right there, dark, dangerous, and willing, and I wanthim.
I know he’s bad for me, a criminal, a killer. All wrong, wrong, wrong…
But wrong never looked so tempting.

It’s Hope Carter’s turn to speak in Inevitable, the sixth installment of the bestselling Carter Kids series. 

Get the book here.



Blurring Lines – (Blurred Lines #1) by Chloe Walsh 

Blurring Lines.jpg“The stars will have to wait, I need you on the ground with me.”
I was supposed to protect her.
She was taken from me, and subjected to crimes that made me sick to my stomach.
Three years later, she’s back in my life.
Beautiful. Haunted. Tempting. Disturbed.
I know she’s sick. Different. Broken. Fractured. I know what she wants from me is wrong. But she’s determined to take back control of her life.
To take control of me.

Warning: This is a dark book and not for the faint-hearted. It contains scenes of an extremely upsetting nature. Strictly an 18+ read.

Get the book here.




Off Limits – (Faking It #1) by Chloe Walsh 

Off Limits.jpg“Privileged princess meets boy from the wrong side of town.
I’ve loved my brother’s best friend since forever.
Nathan Cole, with his dirty mouth, sinful tattoos, and screw the world attitude, has my head in a continuous spin.
He doesn’t see me like that, though.
To him, I’m just Jackson’s baby sister.
Cute, young, off-limits…
Well, he’s about to see how grown up I really am.
Can you see me now, Nate?”

Get the book here.





Binding 13 – (Boys of Tommen #1) by Chloe Walsh 

40944965His first, last, and only true love has always been rugby.
Until now.

He wants to save her. She wants to hide.
She’s damaged. He’s determined.
Fate brought them together. Love binds them.

Johnny Kavanagh has everything going for him. On the rugby pitch, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Primed for stardom, he’s heading straight for the top. Nothing can possibly get in his way, right?
Not even the shy new girl at Tommen College. The one with the sad eyes and hidden bruises. The one that distracts him like no one ever has.
Plagued with a hidden injury and desperate to impress the scouts watching his every move, Johnny has been placed on a pedestal so high, he has no room to make mistakes.
Striving to maintain balance, and on the crest of the International Summer Campaign, Johnny needs to keep his head in the game. He needs to stay focused, and cannot afford to let distractions get in the way of the bigger picture.
But what happens when a lonely girl with sad eyes becomes the only picture?

Life has never been easy for Shannon Lynch. Bullied and tortured, she arrives at Tommen College mid-way through the school year praying for a fresh start and desperate to shake off the demons that plague her.
On her very first day at the prestigious private school, she comes into contact with the notorious Johnny Kavanagh.
Thrown through a hoop over her feelings for him, and desperate to keep a low-profile, Shannon finds herself once again the target of bullies as she forms a fragile alliance with rugby’s rising star.
Falling into a complicated friendship and grappling with their undeniable chemistry, Johnny and Shannon must face obstacles that threaten their relationship.
Two teenagers from opposite sides of the tracks collide.
Friendship, first love, rising fame, horrifying secrets, and pain all fuel together in in Binding 13. Hearts are binding and lives are entwining in Binding 13.”

Get the book here.



Endgame: An Ocean Bay Standalone Novel by Chloe Walsh 

Endgame“My name is Mercy James and I’ve always had a three-point plan.
1. Don’t fall in love in high-school.
2. Get through senior year and snag a full-ride scholarship to college.
3. Get the hell away from my irresponsible mother.

I didn’t think that was too much to ask for, and I’ve worked damn hard to make it a reality.
Until my mother went and did the unthinkable!
She’s pregnant.
Yep, the woman-child only went and got herself knocked-up by a man who lives on the other side of the country.
As if it wasn’t bad enough to uproot my life six weeks before senior year, Mom’s new beau comes with baggage.
A sweet stepsister, Amelia.
And the b*stard of all b*stards, Rourke.
Rourke is a senior like me, and he doesn’t want me in his town, much less his home. He’s also hell bent on making sure I know it.
Thing is, I don’t want to be there either, and if Rourke expects me to swan in and kiss his ass to make him like me, he has another thing coming.
I’m nobody’s bitch and he’s about to learn that…”

Get the book here.


That’s it guys! I hope you find a new book to love!


Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna



*All covers and synopsis from Goodreads






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