Recommendation Wednesday – Favorite Authors and Their Best Books

Hey lovely readers!

It’s here! Recommendation Wednesday! Here are 5 of my favorite romance authors and their best books.


 Jay McLean – Author of the More Than Series

 There are 5 books within this series each about a single couple, though books two and three are about the same couple. Logan and Amanda ❤ But before I talk about them let me tell you a little about the series itself. Like I said each book is about one couple and there relationship with each other, the first book being More Than This. Which is the first one I read, though you don’t have to read them all, it does help because all the characters make appearances in each book. At their heart each book is a love story, but what I love about them is the raw and real feeling to them. Nothing that happens is outlandish or ridiculous, it is all plausible and I think that’s what makes these books so good. They are all great books, but my favorite is absolutely More Than Her and it’s continuation More Than Him. For me Logan and Amanda’s story was the most real and realistic, it was the hardest to read for me because I could relate to it the most. The heartache that they both experience just leaps off the page and your heart breaks with them. But the way they pick themselves up after all the shit they go through is so beautiful. This whole series is such a good mix of love (both romantic and friendly), humor, sadness, failure, and triumph. And the boys are cute too.

 Jessica Sorensen – Author of the Coincidence Series

 There are technically like 6 or 7 books in this series, but my favorite are those about Callie and Kayden. That is why my favorite book of Jessica’s is the Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, which is the first book in this series. I believe there are 3 books about their story. Jessica Sorensen writes love stories that are all about two broken people discovering themselves through loving someone else. The stories are so powerful, because they deal with real life issue. Things like anxiety, depression, suicide, self harm, rape, and how all of those things affect mental health. Callie is a sexual assault survivor and Kayden self harms to make it through each day. But together they learn to love themselves and each other. These books are not easy reads, but so worth it in the end. I can identify with both of these characters in personal ways and I think that’s why this book stands out for me. But all of Jessica’s books have characters that so many can identify with and that is a beautiful thing.


Chloe Walsh – Author of the Carter Kids Series

 Okay so if you’ve been reading my posts from the start you’ll know that I love Chloe Walsh. She is probably my all time favorite New Adult author. And the main reason why is because of the way she writes her characters. She is not afraid to make you hate them. They lie, they steal, they cheat, and sometimes they even kill. They are harsh and rough and their love stories are anything but simple. The stories aren’t always ones you can relate to, but the characters feelings and emotions always are. My favorite book of hers is Altered – Carter Kids #6. This is a continuation of the story involving Hope, Jordan, and Lucky which began in Carter Kids #5. They were secondary characters in the first 4 Carter Kids books. But anyway….I absolutely love this book! Like it gave me life! I laughed, I ugly cried, I cursed Chloe, my heart broke, and was put back together all in one book. Hope, Jordan, and Lucky are in a twisted love triangle that is so heart breaking, and it never goes the way you think it will. This book wrecked me in the best way and I don’t think I will ever read New Adult romance again without comparing it to this book. This book deals with divorce, cheating, drinking, drugs, attempted suicide. The character of Jordan is the toughest to read, because he is a survivor of sexual abuse, both as a child and an adult. I am so impressed with how Chloe handled very sensitive subject, that frankly is not talked about enough. This book is pure genius, and I highly recommend it and its predecessor.

 K. Bromberg – Author of the Driven Series

 The Driven series consists of 3 main books, and 2 sequels. My favorite is absolutely Crashed, the third book in the series. The conclusion to Rylee and Colton’s beautifully heartbreaking story. Colton is finally able to confront the demons that have been following him around since high school and Rylee finally gets to live her life free of the guilt she has carried for years. Out of all the books on this list, this is the most romantically centered. It is truly about the love developing between the two main characters.This book is a good mix of serious and fun. You feel for the characters hard times, but the sexy times between them are also so much fun to read. Their personalities really leap off the page and you can’t help but root for them even when they’re both being ridiculous. Plus I really liked the aspect of loving a race car driver. And make sure to watch the Passionflix mini series based on the first book!


Simone Elkeles – Author of the Perfect Chemistry Trilogy 

  The Perfect Chemistry Trilogy has 3 books each about a different brother from the same family. I will confess that what drew me to these books is that they contain interracial relationships. This is something severely lacking in New Adult and Young Adult books. As a person of Mexican heritage and as someone in an interracial relationship I was so happy to read about these 3 brothers who are of Mexican heritage, proud of it, and not afraid to love women who are not of the same ethnicity. But anyway…about the author and my favorite book! I absolutely adored the first book in this series, Perfect Chemistry. The story follows Alex, a Mexican gang banger and Brittany, a seemingly perfect and rich white girl. What I loved most about this story is that it never tries too hard. It finds a way to represent Brittany and Alex without stereotyping them. And the scrutiny and issues they experience are portrayed so accurately, something I can relate to on a very personal level.

I hope you find your next favorite book here!

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna



*Covers and synopsis from Goodreads

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