Blogtober (Day 10) – Book Review – Kill Switch

Hey lovely readers!

Here’s a book review for you and this one has been a very long time coming!

Kill Switch

“I’ve done far worse than what I went to prison for. She has no idea how bad this can get.”

Sending him to prison was the worst thing I could’ve done. It didn’t matter that he did the crime or that I wished he was dead. Perhaps I thought I’d have time to disappear before he got out or he’d cool off in jail and be anything but the horror he was.
But I was wrong. Three years came and went too fast, and now he’s anything but calm. Prison only gave him time to plan. And while I anticipated his vengeance, I didn’t expect this. He doesn’t want to make me hurt. He wants to make everything hurt.

First thing’s first. Get rid of her daddy. He told them I forced her. He told them his little girl was a victim, but I was a kid, too, and she wanted it just as much as I did.
Step two… Give her, her sister, and her mother nowhere to run and no fuel to escape. The Ashby women are alone now and desperate for a knight in shining armor.
But that’s not what’s coming.
No, it’s time I listened to my father and took control of my future. It’s time I showed them all–my family, her family, my friends–that I will never change and that I have no other ambition than to be the nightmare of their lives. Starting with her.
She’ll be so scared, she won’t even be safe in her own head by the time I’m done with her. And the best part is I won’t have to break into her home to do it. As the new man of the house I have all the keys.”

Fair warning before I start, you must read the first two books in this series to really get the effect of this one. But I will say it is absolutely the best of this series. I actually read this months ago, but at the time I just couldn’t get my thoughts straight, so I never wrote a review. But this one is perfect for Blogtober. Devil’s Night is their thing, Michael, Kai, Damon, and Will. This book is Damon’s and it is amazing.

See Damon was for all intents and purposes the villain in the first two books. But of course, like any good bad boy, he has an awful backstory that explains why he is the way he is. And oh my gosh does Penelope Douglas do an amazing job of making you love Damon, even when he’s doing something awful. It’s funny, because I always seem to empathize with the villain and Damon is no different. He manipulates and in a way destroys Winter. He has hurt his friends in a terrible way. Basically everyone hates him and is afraid of him at this point, But the farther you go into the story the more you realize the way Damon has been twisted and manipulated. And slowly you watch him find his humanity again when he begins to fall in love with Winter.

Enter Winter. She is probably the strongest and most forgiving book heroine I have ever stumbled upon. Her capacity to love, forgive, and understand amazes me. Damon basically holds her and her family hostage as revenge for something he thinks Winter did. But really they both have no idea of the assumptions and misconceptions that they have made about one another. I’ve never read a love story like theirs and this is a love story. It’s twisted and unconventional, but it’s true and so powerful.

And of course I have to mention how amazing Penelope Douglas is at writing smut. She threw another amazing and twisted smut scene at us that made my jaw hit the floor. Pen’s books are always a great mix of passion, shock, hate, and love. This one is no exception. I absolutely loved Winter and Damon’s story and I can’t wait for the next book!

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna

*Cover and synopsis from Goodreads

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