Blogtober (Day 20) – More True Scary Stories

Hey lovely readers!

Here are two more very true scary stories for your reading pleasure. Because you guys seemed to really like these and a bunch of you asked me for more! Again, these are pretty creepy! Enjoy 😉


The Red Ball In The Basement

“About 10 years ago when I was around the age of nine we lived in our previous house and were starting the process of moving out. Now, I had grown up in this house and all my friends lived around me, so I was very torn about moving out. There happened to be a very bad thunderstorm one of the nights before we finished moving and all my toys were in boxes. Some of the toys started to make noises as if I was playing with them. At the time my mother told me that it was the electricity in the air from the storm; today I feel like she was telling that too herself too. I didn’t think much of it at the moment because I was nine.

As we were getting ready to leave my sister had always had imaginary friends. For a girl who was five that seemed pretty normal I suppose. The problem was that she would go to bed earlier than me, and when I would stay up late to watch adult swim I would always feel like someone was looking at me from the hallway where her room was. This had always been going on but it only grew as we prepared to leave.

This is the part that literally has my hair standing up as I tell it.

The last day came and we were putting the final boxes in our truck when I decided to go in and look around make sure I had everything. When I was in the basement, where I played N64 and basically lived, I felt a very sad feeling come over me, like I was leaving my life behind to move somewhere really far away. I became emotional, so I quickly rubbed my eyes since I didn’t want anyone to see a young man crying. I then for whatever reason said good bye to the house as if it was living. The very moment I said good bye I heard a very child like voice reply ‘see ya later’ I stood frozen, when I turned a red ball was laying on the floor that I did not remember being there. I sprinted out of that house and got in the car. My mom asked what was going on, I replied ‘there is a ball inside in the basement, leave it there.’

Years later everyone in my family had told me they saw the same red ball after they felt the need to say good bye, only me and my sister heard the reply my mom and dad only saw the ball.

I don’t really believe in ghosts but whatever that was, I’m terrified of that house now.”


The Devilish Joke

I was once playing with a Ouija board in my room with a friend. We tried to light some candles and, crazy as it sounds, they just wouldn’t light, no matter how long I held the match to them. After a little while, I managed to light them, and we turned off the lights and closed the windows. Out of nowhere my friend’s mother called her, asking if everything was okay with her. Apparently she suddenly felt a ‘pang of worry’. After my friend calmed her mother down, we started using the Ouija board, but nothing happened, other than the candle flames moving kind of strangely. Later in the evening after my friend had already gone home, I felt a sensation of being watched. I ignored it and went to sleep, but had nightmares about being chased by a scary beast with enormous claws, and when I managed to wake up I saw that my legs were scratched up. I couldn’t sleep any more, so I threw the Ouija board in the trash, and slept cuddled up next to my mother for two weeks.”


Creepy stuff! I had to include the Ouija board one, because of my own experience with one which you can read here. Seriously guys if you take anything away from my blog let it be that Ouija boards are no freaking joke! Hahaha


Thanks for reading guys! I hope you’re sufficiently spooked! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna


*I do not own either of these stories

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