#Blogtober (Day 24) – Even More Favorite Reylo Fanfiction

Hey lovely readers!

OK so not exactly Halloween, but the new trailer just dropped for TROS and I’m excited! So here are 5 more awesome Reylo fanfics. I’ll link my other two lists down at the bottom!


Bonded by Chridder

Summary: After Crait, the Resistance is all but decimated. It will take time before they regain the strength and numbers to be anything more than an annoyance to the First Order. In the meantime, the Force bond between Rey and the new Supreme Leader not only continues but grows. They begin to be able to see one another’s surroundings, touch things… and as the bond grows, so does their relationship. Mutual distrust becomes begrudging acceptance. Then a strange sort of friendship. And then… well… 😉

An awesome canon fic that takes place post TLJ. This one is my current obsession, like I absolutely love it! It’s so well written and I find the characterizations to be perfect. And it, like all my favorite fics has all the smut I could want. It’s not yet complete, but it is very close. And the author has assured us that it will be completed. Absolutely worth the read!



go i know not whither and fetch i know not what by voicedimplosives


The year is 1994. The Iron Curtain has come down, the oligarchs have begun their rise to power, and Kyril Ren, a powerful member of the infamous crime syndicate Solntsevskaya Bratva, has been given a job: hunt down an estranged uncle who has been snitching to the FBI.

Irena, nicknamed Rey by her adoptive father Luke, is a Krav Maga instructor in New York who has finally been able to obtain her original birth certificate from Russia. Turns out she was born in a little village named Vershinino, but if she wants to know more than that… she’s going to have to go there herself.

A Reylo alternative universe fic that is so freaking good and well written that it could be a freaking movie. The story is intense and dark and sad. But filled with a quiet hope that the characters will somehow find a happy ending.



This Is How Life Strikes by GreyForceUser (ReyandKyloforever)


Rey Smith has a vision and passion to reform the foster care system. She endured a dark childhood and wants to make sure other children don’t have to suffer the way she did. Abandoned and hurt, she keeps her heart tightly guarded.

Kylo Ren has climbed the corporate ladder, not caring about the consequences on his way to get there. He has prestige, wealth, and is a renowned master at his craft for First Order Consulting. He has everything he’s ever wanted, so he thinks.

When Kylo begins working for Rey to help launch her nonprofit organization, the two adversaries are drawn to each other, even if both resist the connection. As their interactions progress, they are forced to look at the lives they are living and figure out if they are in fact, living life.

Another alternative universe story with a really great plot. I love the idea of Rey starting a non profit for the foster system. It really speaks to her backstory within the Star Wars universe which is now transferred to our world. This one is still a work in progress, but totally worth starting. The tension in this one is so great and I’m loving the dynamics of the story.



Ashes of the Empire by Skyelo_Ren

Rey takes Ben’s hand in the throne room and agrees to help him bring a new order to the galaxy.

A little canon divergence for you! Also known as what I wish would have happened! 😉 Rey joins Kylo after defeating Snoke. This is probably my favorite story of this variety. I just love the family dynamics throughout this story. The Knights are great and I love how much Kylo supports and encourages Rey. It’s such a well told story.



A Reylo Cup of Sugar by Nerd_Mom_Writer

Slow burn Reylo set after The Last Jedi. Rey fesses up her force bond to Finn and Poe after Ben accidentally leaves his mask behind, and Poe recognizes that Ben’s attachment to Rey might be the Resistance’s best chance at survival. If you want Reylo to be healthy, fun, and in-character, check my story out and let me know if I succeeded.

One more canon story to complete the list! This one is fun, funny, and light-hearted. Basically it’s light on the angst which is a refreshing change in the Reylo fic world. 😉



That’s it guys! Five more of my favorite fics for you to enjoy. You can find my two other lists here and here.

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna

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