Book Review – In the Unlikely Event by L.J. Shen

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Here’s a book review for you! Massive thanks to the author and Social Butterfly PR for the ARC.

“A one-night stand born from vengeance in a foreign land. An explosive chemistry neither of us could deny. We signed a contract on the back of a Boar’s Head Pub napkin that said if we ever met again, we would drop everything and be together.

Eight years and thousands of miles later, he’s here. In New York. And he’s America’s music obsession. The intangible Irish poet who brings record executives to their knees. The blizzard in my perfect, unshaken snow globe.

Last time we spoke, he was a beggar with no intention of becoming a king. But a king he became, and now I’m his servant. I’m not the same broken princess Malachy Doherty put back together with his callused hands.

I have a career I love. A boyfriend I adore. An apartment, a roommate, a life. I changed. He changed, too. But Mal kept the napkin. Question is, will I keep my word?”

I have so many thoughts and feelings about this book, it’s difficult to write them down. To put it plainly, this book was wonderful. So different from anything this author’s written. And in my humble opinion, her best work yet.

Let’s start with the plot. It was the perfect mix of fantasy and reality. I mean because who doesn’t want to have a fling with a sexy Irish dude? And then have him, against all reason, fall so in love with you. I mean things like that never really happen. It’s that epic fantasy element that causes us to love romance books.

But there was also the harsh reality of life thrown in. Despite the love they feel, they have completely separate lives that they cannot or do not want to abandon. Before they go their separate ways, they agree to be together someday if, in the unlikely event, they see each other again. Again, pure hopeful fantasy. But then the story hits so hard with so much harsh reality. The family dynamics in this are amazing. There’s so much hate and angst surrounding Mal and Rory.

Mal hates Rory, though she has no idea why. Her mother is keeping a huge secret that everyone but her knows, her life is a perfectly boring lie. Throw in a trip back to the place where she and Mal fell in love, a crazy rockstar, a horrible boss, an annoyed cow, and the craziest use for a chocolate bar I’ve ever read. And well, you have quite possibly the best romance book written this year.

It was funny, unexpected, heart wrenching, and so magical. I loved it more than I can express in words. Mal and Rory were amazing characters and I highly recommend this book to everyone.

I’ve also created a playlist for this story which you can find here.

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna

*Cover and synopsis from Goodreads

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