Favorite Books of the Decade (2010-2019)

Hey lovely readers!

Here’s a post 10 years in the making. I’ve spent a long time working on this. In the end I’m so happy with my choices, because each of these books has changed me through the years, they’ve always stayed with me. And I’m forever grateful.

Just an FYI. The book I chose for each year was actually published in that year. Otherwise I would have never been able to make this list. 😂

2010 – Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (The Infernal Devices #1)

You probably already know how much I love the entire Mortal Instruments universe. (I mean my son’s name is Jace. And if I’d had a girl her name would’ve been Tessa 😚) So I had to choose this one as my favorite book of 2010. The Infernal Devices is my absolute favorite Clare series. Historical London, love triangle, steam punk? Yes please! It reminds me a simpler times. Checkout my Favorite Literary Heroines post to read about how much I love Tessa.

2011 – Perfect by Ellen Hopkins

I discovered Ellen Hopkins a few years before this book came out. And when I discovered her, nothing was ever the same. Her books talk about all the things I feel like no one wants to acknowledge. And reading her books I finally felt like I wasn’t alone. At 16 I finally understood that bad things happen every single day, but they can be overcome.

And Perfect has stuck with me through the years. Because reading it always reminds me that even at a young age, you can know what’s best for you and there’s a confidence in that.

2012 – The Golden Lily (Bloodlines #2) by Richelle Mead

Bloodlines is, in my humble opinion, the best YA series ever. Sydney is my favorite YA heroine ever (tied with Tessa) and Adrian is and always will be the best book boy ever written. Don’t come at me peeps. So of course I had to include it somewhere on this list. The Golden Lily is the second book in the series, but I chose it because I feel like this is where the series finds it’s purchase. This book really starts the themes and arcs present through the rest of the books. The first book is amazing! But this one really gets you hooked! Read my series review of Bloodlines here.

2013 – More Than Her (More Than #2) by Jay McLean

There’s so much I could say about how much I love this entire series, but here’s the bottom line. This book and this series was my introduction to NA romance and honestly my life has never been the same. I loved book one of this series. But this book, this heroine. She’s me, or at least a part of me when I was younger. I saw myself in her within the pages of this story and there’s no greater gift from an author. To meet a character they’ve written that makes you feel as though you’re not alone.

2014 – Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

I’m making my way through all of Colleen’s books and still I think this will always be my favorite. It’s dark, it’s deep, it’s haunting. And as a new parent it leaves me aching when I think of it. But the story and it’s beautiful conclusion is everything you could want. Miles is strong beyond measure. And I’ve always loved Tate for how normal of a character she is. She’s had no great trauma, no secret angsty past. She just was, and I absolutely loved that. Find my full review here.

2015 – The Deal by Elle Kennedy (Off Campus #1)

When I decided to read this book, I knew one thing about it: hockey romance. So of course I knew I’d like it (I LOVE hockey). But I had no idea how much I would end up loving. I had no clue it dealt with surviving a rape. But within the first few pages, boom the heroine is telling you how she chose to deal with being a survivor of rape. And in that moment I fell in love with this story. Because I could relate, I understood her choices and I admired her so much.

Of course the book is also really funny and light, just when you need it most. Plus cute boys, hockey, and side characters you can’t help but love. This book continues to stay with me. Find my review here.

2016 – Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

I studied European history in college, more specifically World War II and the Holocaust. So for me, reading this and seeing others read this piece of history was so amazing. Because even though this was the greatest maritime disaster to occur in recent history (in terms of loss of life) it is not discussed enough. And so, to set these fictional characters and their stories within a very real historical event makes them that much more powerful. I loved this story and I think everyone should read it. Find my full review here.

2017 – The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell (The Last Magician #1)

Funny story. I heard about this on booktube and I fell in love with the cover. So I added it to my wishlist (that my husband buys me books off of) no idea what it was about and promptly forgot about it. Months later he buys it for me, I open it, and I’m like what the heck is this? 😂

Fast forward a little bit. I’m obsessed with this book. It reminded me of why I used to read YA and that it could still be amazing and original. This book will forever be a favorite. Find my review here.

2018 – The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

I love this book. And if you know me, then you already know. 😂 I’m always gushing about this book and how amazing it is. If you haven’t read it, what are you even doing? It’s officially become my favorite book of all time. It’s the most poignant and beautiful book I’ve ever read. And that’s all. 💚 Find my full review here.

(Honorable mention to Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young for being the best YA book ever. I’m obsessed. I’ve read it more times than I can count. And that scene with the bear is the most amazing, intimate thing I’ve ever read. Find my review here.)

2019 – Pretty Reckless by L.J. Shen (All Saints High #1)

My three favorite L.J. books all came out this year haha. But Pretty Reckless tops the list. Basically I fell in love with Daria. She reminded me of my 17 year old self and that sold the book for me. Her story is heartbreaking. But watching her rise back up was so satisfying. Plus Penn is a sweet baby angel and he deserves but good things in life. Find my review here.

That’s it! My favorite books of the decade? What are some of your favorites from this decade? Do any of mine match yours? Have you read any of these? Tell me tell me tell me!

Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon! ❤ Adrianna

*Covers from Goodreads

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